In solidarity, united we stand

These Are our partners with the Passion to Transform The world Around them

Our Partners

India | Global

— Pravasi Legal Cell

Pravasi Legal Cell is an Organization working to empower people with the power of law since 2009. It has now spread its wings globally with chapters in many countries.

Indian Diaspora | Magazine

— WFY, World For You

An international online digital English magazine with an Indian Diaspora focus. It’s a monthly publication. You can know more about what’s happening in the Indian Diaspora World and read some amazing success stories.

YouTube | Channel

Let us talk!

A multilingual and cross-cultural YouTube channel platform for talk shows, panel discussions, interviews, breaking stories, cultural and current affairs programs. In these times of ear-breaking noisy TV channels and tik tok kind of magnetic attraction we are not really sure how or whether we’ll be having an audience.

Cinema 4 Schools | 4 a better tomorrow

— C4S, Where Children Come First

Cinema 4 Schools is an initiative to outreach the upcoming generation so that they appreciate the craft of cinema at the same time use it as tool to express themselves thus ensuring better society for all of us to live in. We have become a visual society, receiving a large part of our information from moving images & television, video, computers, and the Internet. Teaching our children how to interpret these images has never been more important!

MSAF | Reaching Out

— My Social Action Front, MSAF

Reaching out to the masses culturally, artistically, commercially, economically, academically, anthropologically and socially