Start a chapter in your region

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So you’ve decided you want to start a new Indian Diaspora Chapter in your region– great news!


Kindly get in touch with Indian Diaspora Ambassador (IDA) in your region to apply for the formation of the chapter. If you can’t find one you can write to us at


If your region does not have an Indian Diaspora Ambassador, you can recommend/nominate a suitable individual from your region.


Join a Chapter

Join a Chapter today and help promote the Indian Diaspora Global Movement as a force for good. We’ve designed a new program for our members: Indian Diaspora Fundamentals for Chapters.


The program was inspired by the great experience we had as well as feedback we received on specific needs, requirements, challenges and also the pandemic context. It aims to develop new community leaders equipped to tell data-driven stories about our key projects and initiatives.


Chapter activities

Our Chapters run many programs and events, all supporting our vision of a better World for everyone. These include:

Educational events – educating members and the public about Diaspora-related issues and creating an awareness about the Indian roots and Indian Diaspora Community.
Community programs – ensuring respite for the needy, facilitating access, helping the underprivileged, rediscovering ancestral roots, community engagements with Indian counterparts, policy a  for economically disadvantaged people or those with disabilities, covering areas such as hardware, software, distribution, and best practices
Public policy programs – Policy awareness programmes in respect to the Indian government, Governments of the countries they reside and Agencies like United Nations.
Networking events – helping members connect with like-minded people who share an interest in bringing the benefits of the Diaspora to everyone. Organising conclaves, symposiums, discussion forums, festivals and art & culture events. Media platforms like magazine and web portals.